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With Quarry, you are rewarded for voting on information you believe is valuable, interesting, or truthful.

When you upvote an article, you are staking a claim and declaring to the community that you believe in what is being presented. As more people upvote the article, value is generated and distributed proportionally at the end of the day in the form of Quarry Rocks (ROX). If you discover great content before anyone else, you can earn an even higher curation reward! This is a how we thank you for selecting and promoting awesome content that the community wants to see.

We know what you’re thinking: I’ll just upvote everything! Unfortunately, no. Each day, you are limited by your quota of upvotes, so make them count! Look for articles that rock!

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. As more people vote and receive rewards, we are confident that the best…

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Mike’s grave

Meditatio Ephemera

graveUp the hill from my home is a cemetery opening onto a foothills trail that leads to a high school track, where a runner long sidelined might begin again, might test against age and injury the possibility of recovery, or at least resilience.   And then might walk home through the cemetery, but not before stopping to report her progress, or difficulties, or impossible dreams, to the runner buried there,  who encouraged her in life, and now does so in death.

When I stand at Mike’s grave, I do not imagine his fine, fit physique laid out in a suit, six feet beneath my running shoes.  I do not imagine the stillness of his form, that dynamic body eternally motionless.   I remember Mike in workout gear, encouraging me during hill repeats, during pre-dawn group runs,  during muddy trail races and 10Ks on hilly asphalt.

When Mike died at 47 a year…

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